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Scanning software


  • Batch Directory

Manage batches. See what stage they currently are at. Monitor who is working in each batch.

  • Scan Module

Unlimited scanning from every workstation. Scan from any TWAIN or ISIS driver source.

  • Quality Control Module

QC pages in single page or thumbnail view: rotate pages, replace pages, add pages, rearrange order of pages, combine & split documents, delete pages. Hotkey shortcuts on the keyboard for all functions. On the fly image cleanup options.

  • Zone Barcode and OCR Module

1D and 2D barcode recognition. OCR and OMR zoning. Smart zone feature for advanced form recognition. Also included our OMR and ICR recognition engines.

  • Index Module

Index documents manually with key from image indexing. Use the database lookup feature. Easy to use quick zone OCR feature (click and index). Format index fields with different options: select list, date format, number fields, character limits, default values...

  • QC Index Module

Check your indexing to ensure all documents have been indexed properly. Find and replace feature to correct indexing errors. Search for blank index fields. Update multiple records at one time with an easy to use multiple index update feature.

  • Export Module

Export documents to TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, GIF and BMP. Export documents directly into any document management system with a custom built direct upload script, or send the documents to a shared folder on the network. Automatically create folder structures and title documents based on values from the index fields.

  • SharePoint

Send documents directly to SharePoint 2010.

  • Full Text OCR

Export documents with full text OCR for TIFF and PDF files to make the documents searchable based on the content of the document. As well as OMR and ICR recognition.

  • Reporting Tool

Track productivity and profitablity. Run reports based on client profiles, user profiles and modules. Store costs and revenues for automatic tracking based on time logs kept as users work in Diamond Vision.

What is Diamond Vision?

Diamond Vision is an all inclusive scanning solution that provides powerful production level image and data capture with no per click charges or limitations on scanning and OCR functions. It is the perfect answer for scanning service bureaus, scanning departments within large corporations, or companies in any industry needing to catch up on a backlog of converting paper files to electronic images.


Diamond Vision improves the business process of organizations by capturing images and data and transforming them into organized searchable information, and then sending them to any document management system or database. Diamond Vision offers a wide range of compatibility with document management systems, database storage applications, scanners and other capture devices, and image cleanup and processing solutions.


Companies who use Diamond Vision to scan their own paperwork or to scan other’s paperwork as a service are able to track costs, productivity, and profitability with a detailed reporting tool that runs and grabs data and performs calculations automatically as users Scan, QC, and Index documents within the system. Users may also enter external costs as a factor for calculation such as document preparation and off site data entry costs. With many other built in features such as database lookup, full text OCR, 1D and 2D barcode recognition, zone OCR, bates labeling, watermarking, unlimited scanning on every station, and much more, Diamond Vision is a great solution for the price conscious buyer.









What are the advantages?

  • 30 Day fully functional FREE trial!
  • Unlimited scanning with no per click charges.
  • State of the art reporting tool to help track productivity and profitability within your production scanning process.
  • One of a kind offsite indexing management module. Send and receive images and data to offsite locations for data entry and Diamond Vision will make sure the proper data gets matched up with the appropriate scanned images upon completion.
  • A revolutionary, all inclusive, pricing and licensing structure makes it simple and very affordable to purchase and implement.  Get up and running with no time wasted and at a fraction of the cost of competing products.
  • We offer free webinars at any time. Call us today to schedule an appointment at no cost.









sharepoint scanning









Replace the free simplistic software that comes with your scanner with a true production level scanning software designed to make your transition to a paperless office efficient and cost effective.





Diamond Vision Enterprise Edition

All modules included. Networkable for a streamline production process. Work on batches in an assembly line process with access to all batches and index profiles from any Diamond Vision station on the network.

Price: $1,950 per station






Diamond Vision Desktop Edition

All the same great features and modules in a single station, non-networkable format.

Price:$950 per station







Need Help learning how to use Diamond Vision?

Watch our detailed Training Videos for each module and function.

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